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Organization isn't a lifestyle - It's self-defense

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This community is all about making your home a haven. A place where you go to rest, be at peace and create. This is about finding the tools and methods to make that possible whether it be organizing your home office, creating a meal plan or figuring out how to finally get rid of that thing that's growing in the bottom of your refrigerator. This is not a community about lifestyles but rather how to get your life in order so you can practice those lifestyles. Whether you are are vegan or pop-open-a-can-of-Campbells, you are welcome. Whether you are interested in living frugally, living simply, or simply living well, you are welcome. This is not an evangelical "offering it up to the Lord" sort of place. We're offering it up for more time...time to do the things we really want whether it is writing, practicing a hobby or even watching your favorite television show. It's about taking control so your home doesn't control you. Enjoy.

Because it is true that whoever loves the end also loves the means, all of us who really do enjoy living in a well-kept home can come to enjoy the rituals of its care. The act of taking care of our homes brings comfort and consolation both in the enjoyment of the fruits of our labor and in the increasingly rare freedom to engage in worthwhile, unalienated, honorable work.

--Cheryl Mendelson, Home Comforts